beehiiv product releases, state of newsletters in 2023, and DMARC madness

plus... what's happening in the Newsletter Blueprint Community?

beehiiv continues its war path on product releases, Substack’s office hours, 2023 newsletter round-ups, Big Desk Energy, and the latest from the Newsletter Blueprint Community.

📮 What’s happening in newsletters?

together with… ALOTA

Beyond the organic hustle, picture hitting 1,000... 10,000... even 25,000 subscribers. Growth slows, effort intensifies – but the giants cracked the code with paid acquisition.

ALOTA’s game plan? Proven ads strategies on Meta, TikTok, and more. Invest $1.5-5 per subscriber, monetize for $10-25. They've mastered this for 7 and 8-figure brands – now, they're your secret weapon.

For their first two clients, ALOTA is offering this deal:

-They’ll cover all ad creative costs.

-Battle-tested media buying strategies on Meta, TikTok, and more

-100% money-back guarantee (excluding Ad Spend).

-No strings attached – no contracts, leave anytime.

Ready to boost your subscribers? Let's Talk Paid Ads for Newsletters!

Arthur’s note: I had a great chat with Artem and Leevi prior to running this ad and you can also hit up Artem in the Newsletter Blueprint community!

📢 Community Announcements

  • By popular request, check out the new #🤓・dev-chat in the Discord

🔥 What’s happening in the community?

We love all of you! See you all next week :)

See you in the Discord,
- Geraldine & Arthur


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