Community Digest Dec 1st 2023

Community Digest - Newsletter Blueprint

Hello hello, happy first day of December!

What’s the ONE thing you’d love to make happen by the end of the year? Click reply to let us know!

🚀 Join the Dialogue

The more you join the dialogue on Discord, the better off your newsletter will be!

Why is that? Because we don’t know what we don’t know!

So when we share our process / results / thoughts, we help others find out what their blind spots might be. And when we read what others post, we see what opportunities we might be missing in our own newsletter!

A true win-win 💪

📢 Upcoming Events

  1. Thinking of creating a community for your newsletter? Wondering if it would be a good strategy or a waste of time? Not sure how to launch and grow your community?

Join this Community Building / Organic Growth call, exclusively for members of Newsletter Blueprint! Sign up today because it’s this coming Wednesday at 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET

  1. After the success of our in-person NYC meetup this week, we’re hosting a VIRTUAL meetup! Date, time and sign up link here.


Here’s your last 7 days community digest 👇

🧠 Insights

🌐 News

💡 Ideas

📚 Tools & Resources

💰 Sponsorship / Acquisition


🏆 Jobs

See you in the Discord chat,
- Geraldine & Arthur


What's your newsletter blind spot?

Something you haven't put much thought into lately...

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Some recent conversations:

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  • Finding sponsorship leads.

And… members hitting milestones, cross promotion opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, and more.

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