Community Digest: Special(ish) Edition

A round-up for the past month

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🔥 Community Digest: Special(ish) Edition

Welcome to the Special(ish) Edition of our Community Digest. What makes it special? Well, we didn’t send out a round-up last week (I was away with family enjoying the Florida sun) so we’re throwing in updates from the last month or so into one super-helpful mega round-up.

  1. 🫤 A follow-up from last week’s X post on Ed buying newsletters at $50 a sub. So far, it’s a bust. Multiple NB members messaged him and received replies but no action.

  2. 🐝 Our referral program with beehiiv got an upgrade. Start your newsletter with them and get 20% off the first 3 months using this link.

  3. 🧹 Kody asked what’s a good segmentation formula to clean an email list

  4. ✉️ AmericanXRadass wondered if anyone had a drip email, which led to talks of evergreen newsletters and automation

  5. 🛠️ Shlomo Freund had issues with Converkit, as well as Corne and ThatAndreaM, with different solutions offered for each of them

  6. 💡 Ryan asked what’s the best way to communicate with sponsors, which launched a great convo

  7. 🎟️ Here are ways to use in-person events for monetization

  8. ❓ What are blocklists, and do they matter?

  9. 📈 If you want to know more about weekly/monthly newsletter reporting, this thread’s for you

  10. 🔎 Bibitrouth asked some great questions about how to increase SEO to get more subs

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- Geraldine & Arthur


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