Community Digest Nov 24th 2023

Community Digest - Newsletter Blueprint

Hello hello! Here’s your last 7 days community digest below 🙂 

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Take a deep dive into the material below, and don't be shy about jumping into the conversation on Discord!

Pose questions, update us on your latest process and experiments, and close the loop from previous discussions.

We're here to harness our combined knowledge – let's turn this into a powerhouse of insights!

📢 Announcements

  • The community Discord channel got all updated!

  • We’re having an in-person meetup on Wednesday Nov 29th at 6pm in midtown Manhattan. Register for free here.

🤑 Meta Ads Call Replay

🔥 Last Week

💰 Sponsorship / Acquisition

🏆 Wins

Looking forward to chatting with you in the Discord,
- Geraldine & Arthur


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Some recent conversations:

  • Newsletter acquisitions.

  • Twitter ads.

  • Mastering Reddit.

  • Finding sponsorship leads.

And… members hitting milestones, cross promotion opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, and more.

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