Sparkloop brings the heat

The Newsletter Blueprint Community goes free

📣 Announcements

  1. 🔥 The Newsletter Blueprint Community goes FREEEEEEEE

  2. 🤝 We had a great call on paid ads this week and are excited about the upcoming call on community. Watch the replay and sign up to future virtual events for free

🎁 Offers

Sparkloop came to the table with a fantastic offer for Newsletter Blueprint Community members. If you’re not already using them for acquisition and/or monetization, sign up using this link to get a total of $300 in credits. Just in time to launch your 7th newsletter. You know who you are.

Here’s the details:

  • Get an extra $100 cash bonus if you make > $100 worth of paid recommendations in the first 60 days after signup

  • $200 in credit for paying for recommendations

🔥 What’s happening in the community?

  1. 📝 Grant Bristol shared his insights on and an article on the flaws of “subscription fatigue”

  2. 📬 Is it better to have Upscribe’s newsletter boxes checked or unchecked?

  3. 💰 The best affiliate programs to join were shared as a result from a post by Mark M’s

  4. 📈 Nate’s newsletter passed the 80,000 subscribers mark

  5. 🏗️ Matt built a stumbleupon (remember that?) for newsletters

    1. 🤑 …and sold it within 24 hours

  6. James brings the 🔥 to the ad sponsorship value-add monetization discussion

  7. 💭 Jens has thoughts on local newsletters and started his own. If only he’d stop convincing everyone in twitter-land to launch one by telling them how great they are 😉 …

  8. 🏆️ Nate accepts the challenge and showed off his top ads for The Veteran’s Wallet newsletter. Maybe that’ll teach me not to call him out on paid ads calls.

  9. 📱 Build out your fake text ads using this tool

We love all of you! See you all next week :)

See you in the Discord,
- Geraldine & Arthur


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