Start a boring newsletter

Plus: 7 newsletters for sale, Gmail guidelines, 10K growth

Here we are, issue 1 of Newsletter Blueprint hitting your inbox. Hope it’s useful - your feedback is welcomed (even the critical stuff)

I’m not one for long intro’s so… let’s get to it.


Why you need to start a newsletter about a boring topic

Looking for the perfect newsletter niche? Try a boring one. Seriously.

Less competition, high value subscribers (sponsors love them) and easy to find audiences. What’s not to like?


A path to 10,000 subscribers

I’m a sucker for people’s build in public subscriber updates and this is a nice step by step from Yong-Soo.

Worth remembering that it’s not as neat and structured as the write-ups. You’re doing a bit of everything at every stage.


  • beehiiv launches webhooks bringing more automation power to the platform.

  • Want to buy a flight discount newsletter? $3M asking price.

  • Matt McGarry declares open rates dead and tells you how to deal with it.

  • A lot of ways to grow a newsletter (41 to be exact). Part 1 and Part 2

  • Starting offering sponsorships? Read this but think carefully about step 1.


A package of 7 newsletters for sale (and it’s not cheap)

Wisdom Media are selling 7 newsletters as a single package.

This short article by Scott Oldford (Wisdom CEO) explains why they’re not a fit for his portfolio but might be for someone else.

They’re currently listed on Duuce for $330K plus change (I believe there’s a deal to be had if you can move fast)

What do you think of this “package” approach? Good idea or better off selling as individual publications?


Let’s talk about you, in this week’s poll…

What's your newsletter's primary revenue source?

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Gmail and Yahoo updated email guidelines: What you need to know

If you’re not following their rules, Google and Yahoo are coming for you - new guidelines announced last week impact anyone sending emails in bulk.

I’d expect your ESP to pick up the technical side of things (if not already). And if you’re sending quality content that people want, you likely have nothing to be concerned about.

Still… I’d recommend reading through this summary to get an understanding of what’s happening.

It’s a little reminder that even email has big tech gatekeepers.


Newsletter Blueprint has a paid community and we’d love you to come and join.

Build your newsletter with other entrepreneurs and get help every step of the way.

Some recent conversations:

  • Strategies for paid newsletters.

  • Getting Facebook pixel set up right.

  • Experimenting with programmatic ads.

  • How smooth the beehiiv ad network is working.

And… members hitting milestones, cross promotion opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, and more.


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