Substack is at a cross-roads...

plus... State of Newsletters, Chenell's latest breakdown, and click rates

📮 What’s happening in newsletters?

🔥 What’s happening in the community?

  • Sign up to upcoming events and watch replays of past events, including the 2024 strategic newsletter planning call we had this week here

  • Paul asked what the Beehiiv community is like, followed by an interesting conversation on the different types of operators that exist

  • Do you run post-subscribe surveys? NandoCaralt started a great conversation on the topic

  • Find out how to get your applications to affiliate sites like Shareasale approved here

  • Are you using AI for your newsletter yet? Beyond ChatGPT as a writer’s helper, Jenns Lennartson recommends Dalle3 to make great looking visuals

We love all of you! See you all next week :)

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